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Strategic Focus for Managers

Last updated on September 15, 2019

Here are the major key points that I learned from the course:

  1. Guiding principals – Guidelines that work to set the criteria for work done or not done as well as helping to prioritize efforts.
  2. Mission – Statement that helps to define the purpose and destination of an organization; explains why an organization exists.
  3. Off-track work – Work that is not a high priority or is a distraction.
  4. Pitfall – Unanticipated actions or events like team members getting new opportunities that interfere with focus.
  5. Prioritizing – Designating certain items as more important than others.
  6. Strategic filters – Tool used for evaluating whether or not you should or should not pursue an initiative.
  7. strategic focus – Method of management where you and your team set direction and prioritize efforts to achieve the greatest impact; helps to eliminate distraction and make team members more efficient.
  8. Vision – Helps define purpose and destination by providing midterm objectives of what an organization will achieve in three to five years.
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